Hygienic Door Opener Tool – Hands-free Germ-free Social Distancing – Black Steel

*We ship worldwide*

In light of current pandemic and the upcoming re-opening phases, we are now offering this tool to help prevent viral spread.

We are more connected globally than ever, and pandemics are predicted to become more frequent. This is why we all need to come together and quickly raise our hygiene-consciousness.

Key Uses:
• Elevator buttons
• Bathroom stalls and any public door handles
• ATM buttons
• Credit card machine buttons at grocery stores, retail shops, and restaurants

Key Features:
• Made with antimicrobial brass (copper and zinc)
• Durable
• Lightweight
• Available in
– Rose Gold
– Matte Gold
– Matte Silver
– Smooth Black

This is a thoughtful gift for family and dear friends in your life too.

We need your help to flatten the curve and stop the spread. Thank you.



2.85″ x 1.23″ x 0.17″
72.5mm x 31.2mm x 4.3mm


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